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Conducting t-tests and ANOVA

Inferential statistics, including t-test and ANOVA, are commonly used when analysing health research data. This post will walk you through how to conduct both statistical tests as well as discuss their alternatives.

13 min · Jonah Thomas

Correlations in R

Correlations are a highly useful statistic to explore relationships within your data. R offers a simple syntax to calculate correlations and a number of packages are available to improve the output of these calculations.

16 min · Jonah Thomas

Conducting linear regression in R

Linear models are used to examine the relationship between two or more variables. R has a simple syntax to define such models as well as a range of functions to examine and present your results.

14 min · Jonah Thomas

Creating a Bland-Altman plot

The Bland-Altman is a way of both numerically and visually assessing the agreement between two different or repeated measurements. In this post, we will cover the basics of how to create the necessary values and how to create a plot in R.

15 min · Andrew Kingsnorth