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Welcome to health_stack

Our first post about Health_Stack!

2 min · Andrew Kingsnorth

Data science cycle & health_stack structure

This post will provide an overview of the main data science cycle and how to interact with health_stack.

3 min · Andrew Kingsnorth

Introduction to R

This post will provide a quick overview of R, some common terms and the data objects within R.

4 min · Andrew Kingsnorth

The Rstudio environment

This post will provide a brief overview of the Rstudio environment that you will be using going forward.

2 min · Andrew Kingsnorth

Installing, loading and useful packages

To make data crunching a bit easier you can install packages that already have predefined functions within them. By the end of this post you will know how to install basic packages.

7 min · Andrew Kingsnorth

The pipe operator

The pipe operator is useful to simplify both the writing and reading of code. In this post, we will cover the basic of how to use it.

9 min · Jonah Thomas