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Creating variables and performing simple calculations in R

One of the most commonly performed actions in any data analysis is the creation or mutation of our data. This post will walk through how to generate new columns as well mutate existing columns using both base R functionality as well as the dplyr package.

13 min · Jonah Thomas

Subsetting, filtering, selecting and combining data frames

In this post, we will cover the basics on how to manipulate data by subsetting data frames, filtering by a set variable and how to merge datasets together.

14 min · Andrew Kingsnorth

Summarising data

This post will outline how to summarise variables in R in terms of means and standard deviations etc.

8 min · Andrew Kingsnorth

Using time variables in R

In this post, we will cover the basics on how to convert date/time variables in R.

6 min · Andrew Kingsnorth