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Pulling data from the Fitbit web API

Fitbit offer you a csv download of some of the data collected by your Fitbit. However, if you really want to dive into the data collected, the Fitbit API allows a wide range of data to be downloaded.

28 min · Jonah Thomas

Calculating intensity minutes from a .csv file

This post will walk you though how to use some of the data transformation techniques on a physical activity .csv file to calculate physical activity intensity.

13 min · Andrew Kingsnorth

Working with glucose data

Working with glucose data such as that from the Freestyle Libre has been at the centre of my research for many years. In the first post on this subject, we will cover the basics of how to read in glucose data and use a basic package to create summary variables.

15 min · Andrew Kingsnorth

Batch analysing CGM data

Running analysis on a single file is a useful tool to have, however being able to run the same analysis consistently across many files quickly and summarising these results is a game changer. This post will cover how to run a function across all files stored in a folder.

March 14, 2022 · 11 min · Jonah Thomas